Back Issues of PDAA Today

Back issues of PDAA Today, PDAA’s quarterly print newsletter are now online and available for download.

Robert J. Korengold: An Appreciation

Robert J. Korengold

by Miller Crouch

When I met Bud Korengold at USIS Paris in the early 1990s, he was one of the most well-known senior Foreign Service officers in the U.S. Information Agency. He was known especially for his singular success directing large press operations at some of our most important European posts. Political appointees trusted him and sought his advice, and he always gave his best in return. They and colleagues […]

Rising Populism in Europe and the US Explored at November PDAA Lunch Program

PDAA panel on populism, L-R: David Smith, Claude Porsella, and Peter DeTheir (A. Kotok)

The growing strength of populist movements across the globe alarms many observers in the media. Their election victories in Europe and the US shocked mainstream parties and their allies. PDAA’s November 13 PDAA luncheon program heard from outstanding European correspondents about the political landscape in their respective countries and their view of Washington’s current political standoff. The conversation was […]

Back Issues of PDAA Today Newsletter Now Online

PDAA Today, January 2017 issue

(Updated Jan. 10, 2020) PDAA is making available in electronic (PDF) format back issues of PDAA Today, its printed members-only newsletter. The newsletter is published four or more times a year and sent to PDAA members by mail. Click on the links below to see issues since September 2013.

The two most recent issues of the publication, however, will still be available only to members. Not a PDAA […]

New Book Tells Story of Silver Jewelry in Yemen

(American University in Cairo Press)

19 July 2014. Marjorie Ransom, who served as Public Affairs Officer in Sana’a, Yemen and at other posts in the Middle East, describes her love for silver jewelry from Yemen in a new book, Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Styles of Yemeni Jewelry, published this month by American University in Cairo Press.

In the book, Ransom tells how silver crafts developed in the Yemeni Jewish […]

New Science Diplomacy Journal Launched

March 10, 2012

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) unveiled on 9 March its new quarterly publication, Science & Diplomacy. Its first issue includes contributions by Senator Richard Lugar and Under Secretary of State Robert Hormats. The journal’s editor is Vaughan Turekian, who spoke on science diplomacy at a PDAA event in November 2010.

USIA Exhibits: Highly Effective Public Diplomacy

Charles Spencer

September 2, 2011

“As was demonstrated repeatedly at these [cultural exhibits] from 1959 to 1991, Americans and Russians, as people, did indeed discover a mutual understanding.”

So concludes Andrew Wulf, curator of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and a doctoral candidate in museum studies, who has delved deeply into the U.S. Information Agency records at the National Archives in Washington and at the Reagan Library in California.

His findings were published in a […]