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New Book Tells Story of Silver Jewelry in Yemen

Silver Treasures book cover

(American University in Cairo Press)

19 July 2014. Marjorie Ransom, who served as Public Affairs Officer in Sana’a, Yemen and at other posts in the Middle East, describes her love for silver jewelry from Yemen in a new book, Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Styles of Yemeni Jewelry, published this month by American University in Cairo Press.

In the book, Ransom tells how silver crafts developed in the Yemeni Jewish community, which largely left the country for Israel in 1949, as well as artisans carrying on jewelry making today. The book includes 300 color images, including photos from Ransom’s extensive private collection.

Wall Street International magazine provides an excerpt from the book. Ransom also discussed jewelry and women’s empowerment in Yemen at a book signing at Library of Congress on 15 July. The book is listed in’s A Way with Words collection of public diplomacy alumni authors.


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