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NCIV Becomes Global Ties U.S.

National Council for International Visitors (NCIV) changed its name to Global Ties U.S. In a statement posted on its Web site 22 January, the organization said the change takes effect immediately.

“The new name Global Ties U.S” said board chair Kyle Moyer in the statement, “better speaks to the ultimate outcome we seek to achieve in building a more peaceful and prosperous world by strengthening ties between individuals and nations through international exchange programs.”

The organization, founded in 1961, is a programming partner for Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership exchange program. Global Ties U.S. says more than 350 current and former heads of state took part in this program, including the late Margaret Thatcher and Mexico’s last president, Felipe Calderón.

The organization holds its national meeting 29 January to 1 February in Washington, D.C.


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