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Charles Silver’s Peace Corps

by Charles Silver

Charles Silver, Malaysia, 1977-79, as adviser to the school photography club

I served in Malaysia 1968-70 as a secondary school science teacher and advisor to the photo club. I had never been out of the country before, and I found Malaysia to be completely different from any place I had ever been. The people there looked different from me, spoke different languages, had different food and cultures, and followed different religions. They were, quite simply, “foreign,” but I soon discovered that “foreign” was really just another word for fascinating and exciting. I learned a lot about myself and America from seeing how other people put their lives together. Like many volunteers, Peace Corps service was a life-changing experience for me that led me to abandon graduate work in physics and turn to a new career in the Foreign Service. Twenty-six years after the end of my Peace Corps service, I was the USIA Desk Officer for Southeast Asia. On my first visit to KL, one of the posts for which I responsible, a Malaysian man stopped me as I walked down a corridor in the embassy, looked carefully at me, and quizzically asked, “Mr. Charles?” It turned out to be one of my former students who was now a senior FSN at USIS KL. It seems I was not the only person from that class who wound up in USIS. I will always be grateful to the Peace Corps for giving me that opportunity to expand my horizons and maintain contact across continents.

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