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2013 PDAA Chinese Banquet and Awards Dinner Held on May 5

Chinese dumpling

(Robert S. Donovan/Flickr)

The annual PDAA Awards Dinner offered a chance for old friends and colleagues to reconnect, enjoy a delicious meal, and keep up to date on public diplomacy activities.  It also provided a chance to show support for recipients of PDAA’s public diplomacy award, announced at the dinner.

The 2013 dinner was held on Sunday, May 5, at the end of the Foreign Affairs Day weekend, taking place at the China Garden restaurant in Rosslyn, Virginia. At the dinner, the winners of the 2013 PDAA Award for Achievement in Public Diplomacy were announced. The winners in attendance or their representatives discussed their accomplishments, the challenges they faced, and the public diplomacy strategies they used to meet those challenges.

PDAA Awards Dinner 2013


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