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May 6 PDAA Brunch Honors Excellence in Public Diplomacy

PDAA 2018 awardees

L-R: Bix Aliu, Adrienne Bory, Amb. Cynthia Efird, Lisa Heller, Tim Marshall, Elizabeth Thornhill, chair, PDAA Awards Committee (A. Kotok)

Update 11 May 2018) PDAA held its 2018 awards program that honored excellence in public diplomacy on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC. In all but five years since 1993, PDAA has honored professionals in government agencies and non-government organizations working in more than 50 countries and in the United States whose work makes a difference in projecting American policies, ideas, and culture to the rest of the world.

The 21st annual PDAA Awards for Achievement in Public Diplomacy recognized the outstanding work conducted over the past year by members of the Foreign Service, Civil Service, Locally Employed Staff (LES), employees of binational centers and American Corners, and EducationUSA advisers.

The winners this year are: Mark Bosse, then Assistant Information Officer in Baghdad and now Acting Public Affairs Officer in Dublin; Shim Jai Ok, Executive Director of the Korean-American Educational (Fulbright) Commission; Adrienne Bory, Information Officer in Panama; and the Public Affairs Section in Bangkok.

Learn more about the Public Diplomacy Achievement Awards recipients, and donations to support the awards.

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