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Pete Cecere Documentary in Distribution

Pete Cecere

Pete Cecere with his collection (4th Coast Productions)

(28 May 2017) A documentary film about Pete Cecere — former FSO in USIA, a leading folk art collector, and PDAA member — is completed and being distributed for theater and home viewing. The film, House of Stronzo, follows Pete’s quest to find homes for his more than 5,000 pieces of original art stored in his home in rural Virginia.

The company, 4th Coast Productions in Pittsford, N.Y. that produced House of Stronzo, describes it as …

Throughout his 40 years of collecting original folk art and outsider art, Cecere has purchased items that were sometimes strange (such as dancing snake figurines), sometimes silly (like a peep show reenactment hammered out of tin) and sometimes sacrilegious (like a bottle of “wash away your sins bubble bath”). But to Cecere, the art and objects are always beautiful. Parts of his collection have been donated to and exhibited at such renowned institutions as the American Folk Art Museum in New York City, Tucson Museum of Art in Arizona, the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. Now at age 76, Cecere has whittled down his collection from an all-time high of 30,000 objects.

A letter from director and producer Matthew White, provided by Guy Farmer, says that distribution company Shoreline Entertainment started distributing House of Stronzo to film festivals, television networks, streaming services like Amazon and Netflix, and DVD. Marketing of the film kicked off this month.

A trailer below suggests the film is pure Pete.

House of Stronzo – Documentary Preview from 4th Coast Productions on Vimeo.

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