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PD Council Seeks Public Diplomacy Images

Photography class

Photography class at University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba. January 2013 (A. Kotok)

(16 October 2016) The Public Diplomacy Council is launching its first photography contest, to capture visual portrayals of public diplomacy in action. There is no entrance fee for the Images of Public Diplomacy contest, and deadline for entries is 30 January 2017.

“This exhibition will express the meaning, impact and significance of public diplomacy through striking images,” says Adam Clayton Powell III, president of the Public Diplomacy Council in an e-mail statement. “We think it will open new understanding about how nations conduct international relations in the 21st century.”

Public Diplomacy Council is opening the contest to anyone with photos they’ve taken related to the conduct of public diplomacy. U.S. as well as foreign photographers are invited to take part, including diplomats, embassy staff, academics, students, visual media specialists, cultural and education exchange participants, photographers, business people, and journalists.

Entries may be in color or in black and white, and all genres of images are welcome. Participants may enter up to three photos in high-quality JPG format. The contest rules give specific image size, file size, captioning, and file naming requirements. All images submitted must be the intellectual property of the entrants, but copyright and all other rights will remain those of the photographer.

Public Diplomacy Council will exhibit the images on its web site, although a printed photo exhibit is under consideration. A three-person jury will judge the images in categories of people, places, and actions. Photos will be judged on criteria of creativity, originality, interest, artistic quality, and overall impression of the photograph.

Images will be accepted via e-mail at The deadline for submissions in 30 January 2017.

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