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Back issues of PDAA Today, PDAA’s quarterly print newsletter are now online and available for download.

Public Diplomacy Achievement Awards: 1993 – 2005

PAS Brasilia, for Brazil Youth Ambassadors

Wendy Lyle, ConGen Guangzhou, for outstanding performance under challenging conditions; and her role in insinuating messages of rule of law, civil society and sound governance into the legal, academic, media and business communities on South China

Victoria Sloan and Kaspars Ruklis, AmEmbassy Riga, for accomplishments in fostering fair coverage about NATO in Latvia’s Russian language media

Eric Johnson and Jonathan Mennuti, AmEmbassy Moscow, for tireless efforts to establish, nurture and expand the “American Corners” throughout Russia

Gaston Lacombe, Educational Advisor, Riga, for initiative and perseverance in expanding student exchanges between Latvia and the U.S.

Karuna Singh, ConGen Calcutta, for initiating, organizing and executing effective and imaginative events in support of the MPP for eastern India – particularly a campaign to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS

USIS Dar es Salaam and USIS Nairobi, for outstanding poise and information efforts after August 1998 bombings

USIS Luanda, for outstanding contributions to the consolidation of peace, national reconciliation, democracy and improved U.S.-Angolan relations

USIS Ashgabat/USIS Dushanbe/RPO/NIS/Goble, for imagination and perseverance in achieving U.S. public diplomacy goals through creation of a civic education network in Turkmenistan and employment of new technology for information distribution in Tajikistan

USIS Port au Prince, for continued public diplomacy efforts in helping restore and consolidate democracy and its institutions in Haiti

I/GEU Team, for unsurpassed efforts in establishing the credibility of the team concept at the outset of the I Bureau, and for providing outstanding support to the 57 posts serviced in WEU and EEN

USIS Amman, for ambitious information and cultural programs which promoted democratic thinking and practice in Jordan

USIS Buenos Aires, for employing all their public diplomacy resources from 1983-1993 in assisting the consolidation of democracy in essential areas of institution building while developing close bonds between Argentina and the U.S.)

FSNEs, USIS Rangoon, for promotion of democracy

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