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Santa Fe Forum Explores Human Migration Crisis

Escaping refugees

(Santa Fe World Affairs Forum)

(2 April 2016) A day does not pass without reports of unprecedented flows of people who have abandoned their homes in hope of better lives in other countries. The most visible movements today are of people from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan struggling to Turkey and Greece in order to reach European nations where jobs are more plentiful and economies stronger. Elsewhere, Africans, Latin Americans, Southeast Asians and islanders of the Indonesian archipelago, fleeing failing countries, gang warfare, drug cartels and civil wars, also risk death to cross to countries that are closing doors and erecting fences in response to the influx.

This year’s Santa Fe World Affairs Forum, held Monday and Tuesday, April 18-19 at St. Johns College in Santa Fe,  New Mexico, explores these issues in depth. Members of PDAA qualify for discounted registration rates. The deadline for registrations is Wednesday, April 13.

The Symposium seeks an understanding of the origins, drivers, and cultural implications behind the news. It will search for explanations to all the complex questions: Who are these refugees?  How does today’s situation compare with human migration flows in the past? How are refugees handled? How many live in camps in neighboring countries, how are those camps organized and funded and how many of the refugees leave legally or illegally for the West?  How real are the claims that terrorists mingle within refugee communities? How do the major refugee organizations determine where refugees are to settle?  What kinds of support do cities and local organizations provide for these newcomers, And, finally, what are the plans for resettling refugees in Santa Fe and Albuquerque – both traditionally refugee-receiving cities.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Demetrios Papademetriou, Distinguished Senior Fellow and President Emeritus, Migration Policy Institute and President MPI Europe
  • Joseph C. Wilson IV, US Ambassador (rtd) and CEO of JC Wilson International Ventures
  • Andrew Purvis, Former Beirut Managing Editor, UNHCR, and Former Bureau Chief at Time Magazine
  • Chick Keller, Los Alamos National Labs, Consultant on Climate Change
  • William J Garvelink, US Ambassador (rtd) and Senior Policy Adviser on Global Strategy, International Medical Corps
  • Salvador Gutiérrez, Regional Liaison and Policy Officer for Central and North America and the Caribbean, International Organization on Migration
  • Javier Gonzales, Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico

More details and registration are found on the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum Web site.

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