Back Issues of PDAA Today

Back issues of PDAA Today, PDAA’s quarterly print newsletter are now online and available for download.

PDAA Member Discounts Available for Symposium on U.S. and East Asia

(Courtesy, Santa Fe World Affairs Forum)

Public Diplomacy Alumni Association is a partnering organization with the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum for the symposium Living in Challenging Times: The United States and East Asia, at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 8-9, 2013.

April 8: 2-6 pm: Registration; “East Asia and the Pacific: Issues and Challenges,” Ambassador Will Itoh, Director, Washington International Programs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and […]

President’s Note: March 2013

March 4, 2013

Association president Mike Schneider describes PDAA’s outreach campaign, coming events including a conference on the U.S. and East Asia in New Mexico and PDAA’s April 2 lunch program on Asia, as well as collaboration with NCIV. And Mike tells about the public diplomacy achievement awards, which will be announced at PDAA’s annual dinner on May 5.

Greetings friends –

Our effort to reach out to USIA/State PD alums and others in the […]

Rafer and Me, in Kabul and on Network TV

February 17, 2013

Jazz DeCou

As Ernesto Uribe told the Public Diplomacy Alumni Blog, public diplomacy officers sometimes end up in the big time world of show business. Jazz DeCou, retired from USIA and now living in France — colleagues may remember him as Jim DeCou — tells how his USIS work with American Olympic decathlete Rafer Johnson landed him on the popular early network TV show “This Is Your Life.

One day at the […]

Cuba — Ripe for a Public Diplomacy Initiative

Photography class, University of the Arts, Havana (A. Kotok)

February 2, 2013

Alan Kotok, PDAA’s newsletter and Web site editor, returned on 29 January 2013 from an eight-day University of Iowa alumni seminar in Cuba, and highlights public diplomacy opportunities for the U.S. to exploit, before others beat us to it.

We returned this week from an eight-day study tour of Cuba, mainly in Havana and the southern coastal city of Cienfuegos. The experience […]

Community Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy Examined at PDAA January 29 Lunch Program

Jazz Tap Ensemble leads a master class in Kinshasa for State Department exchange program (Department of State).

Stacy White, director of the State Department’s Cultural Programs Division, described how the arts help forge connections among artists and local communities in the U.S. and overseas at the January 29, 2013 lunch program of the Public Diplomacy Alumni Association at DACOR-Bacon House in Washington, D.C.

White provided PDAA members and guests with an update of […]

National Defense Language Corps

January 12, 2013

Here’s an opportunity for public diplomacy alumni to make good use of their language and cultural skills: the National Defense Language Corps, a new Department of Defense initiative.

American Forces Press Service highlights the National Defense Language Corps, a new Department of Defense initiative where public diplomacy alumni can offer their language and cultural skills. The 4,000-member National Defense Language Corps consists of volunteers who offer their second-language skills and cultural knowledge […]