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Strengthening America’s Public Diplomacy Capability: USIA, the Cold War, and Combating ISIS Propaganda — Part 1


Bruce Byers

(30 January 2016). Editor’s note. In reply to an 8 January 2016 article in the Washington Post, “Obama administration plans shake-up in propaganda war against ISIS” Bruce Byers wrote an essay about the effectiveness of USIA in projecting American ideas and policies to foreign audiences during the Cold War. The […]

Ben Bradlee – The Reluctant Public Diplomacy Officer

Benjamin C. Bradlee (Miguel Ariel Contreras Drake-McLaughlin/Wikimedia Commons)

Michael H. Anderson

30 November 2014. Washington and, indeed, much of the world, recently paid tribute to the legendary Ben Bradlee, the Executive Editor of The Washington Post from 1968 -91, who passed away October 21, 2014. His role in managing his paper’s sensitive relations with […]

It’s All in the Smithsonian Details

(Courtesy, Beatrice Camp)

Editor’s note: In a new (Jan-Feb 2014) Foreign Service Journal article, Bea Camp tells about the value of her detail to the Smithsonian Institution, expanding on her talk at the 3 December 2014 PDAA lunch program. Below is an excerpt and link to the entire article.

Today, thanks to the […]

Public Diplomacy is Flourishing–Spread the Word

Editor’s note: This post by Nancy Snow, Abe Fellow and Senior Visiting Research Professor, Keio University in Tokyo, comments on the 1 October 2013 essay appearing on about the demise of USIA. Reprinted with permission.

This funereal op-ed is so fundamentally flawed that it is more like a drive-by shooting. Shooting USIA in the […]

14 Years of Undermining Public Diplomacy

Editor’s note: The following excerpt is from an article appearing on, the Web site of U.S. News and World Report, on 1 October 2013.

There have been plenty of bad days in U.S. history. But Oct. 1st should be higher on the list than most people think.

On that date in 1999, President Bill […]

Cuba — Ripe for a Public Diplomacy Initiative

Photography class, University of the Arts, Havana (A. Kotok)

February 2, 2013

Alan Kotok, PDAA’s newsletter and Web site editor, returned on 29 January 2013 from an eight-day University of Iowa alumni seminar in Cuba, and highlights public diplomacy opportunities for the U.S. to exploit, before others beat us to it.

We returned this […]