USC Center Holding Public Diplomacy Evaluation Workshop

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4 April 2015.  The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is offering a workshop on evaluation of public diplomacy outcomes, 18-20 May 2015, at USC Center’s offices at 701 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. in Washington, D.C. The workshop — Effective Public Diplomacy: Evaluation and Impact — aims to address the challenge of understanding and connecting assessments to audience awareness and attitudes related to public diplomacy.

The  workshop is designed to give participants a working knowledge of common research and analytical tools needed to develop and implement successful public diplomacy programs. As a result of the program participants are expected to …

  • Get a clear explanation of the various kinds of evaluation tools available
  • Learn to combine basic social media analytics with traditional methods of program evaluation
  • Gain tips and advice on conducting actionable evaluation with limited resources
  • Become more discerning users of research and data resources.

The workshop has five modules:

  • Foundations of Public Diplomacy Strategy and Analysis
  • Understanding Research Methodology and Measurement Tools: Part I
  • Understanding Research Methodology and Measurement Tools: Part II
  • Digital Tools and Real-Time Analytics for the PD Practitioner
  • Strategic Decision Making in Program Management

For more details, including fees, see the USC Center on Public Diplomacy Web site.

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