What the Next U.S. President Needs to Know, Examined at November 14 PDAA Lunch

Tara Sonenshine at PDAA lunch program, 14 November 2016 (A. Kotok)

(Updated 14 November 2016) On November 14, PDAA welcomed two outstanding foreign policy leaders with great affinity for public diplomacy – Tara Sonenshine and Kristin Lord – to discuss the new President’s global challenges. Well known for their public service and engagement with the State Department, both have distinguished themselves in other areas of government, the private sector, the media and academia. Tara […]

PD Inspections Examined at September 26 PDAA Lunch Program

Kenton Keith, left, and Jeff Brown answer questions from PDAA lunch participants, 26 September 2016. (A. Kotok)

(Updated 27 September 2016) PDAA launched its 2016-2017 program year hearing from two highly regarded public diplomacy experts discussing the current state of public diplomacy work around the world.

Ambassador Kenton Keith and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jeff Brown offered insights on public diplomacy challenges and successes, gleaned from their experiences inspecting embassy PD operations […]

Visit to French Ambassador’s Residence

Nathalie Broadhurst, deputy chief of mission at the Embassy of France, speaks to PDAA reception on 8 June. PDAA president Amb. Greta Morris is in the foreground. (Photo: Mike Anderson)

(Updated 12 June 2016) The Embassy of France and PDAA, an association of public diplomacy professionals held a reception and discussion on 8 June at the residence of the Ambassador of France to the U.S. Nathalie Broadhurst, the Deputy Chief of Mission for the […]

Santa Fe Forum Explores Human Migration Crisis

(Santa Fe World Affairs Forum)

(2 April 2016) A day does not pass without reports of unprecedented flows of people who have abandoned their homes in hope of better lives in other countries. The most visible movements today are of people from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan struggling to Turkey and Greece in order to reach European nations where jobs are more plentiful and economies stronger. Elsewhere, Africans, Latin Americans, Southeast Asians and islanders […]

PDAA Annual Awards Program: Sunday, May 15, 2016

Attiatal Nasar, left, receiving 2016 public diplomacy achievement award for Tanya Brothen from Amb. Greta Morris

(19 March 2016) This year, the annual PDAA social event and awards program was a champagne brunch. The program offered our members, their spouses and guests the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and expand their networks with new acquaintances. The event highlighted the annual PDAA awards recognizing public diplomacy achievements.

The program was […]

April 11 PDAA Lunch Features Experts on Historic Paris Climate Change Accord

Sarah Ladislaw, at PDAA’s 11 April 2016 lunch program on the climate change accord. (A. Kotok)

(16 March 2016, updated 12 April 2016) In celebration of Earth Day 2016, PDAA hosted a discussion with two experts on the agreement reached by nearly 200 nations at the historic December 2015 Paris summit that will commit nearly every nation to lowering plant-warming greenhouse gases. The discussion took place at the DACOR-Bacon House, 1801 F Street NW […]